Nominations for the People's Choice

(The Advertiser 1/12/15)

The voting is now closed The projects were:


Sir William Goodman Bridge

Excellent engineering innovations were used to restore this historical landmark



Electra House

Adaptive re-use of a heritage-listed insurance building into a modern hospitality venue



Ayers House Renovation

Roof and interior conservation of a significant historic building on North Terrace



Institute Building

Interior & exterior conservation of the earliest cultural building on North Terrace


Terowie Railway Station

Conservation of a significant early SA railway town where General McArthur said "I will return".

Elder Park Rotunda

Saving the Elder Park Rotunda from significant disrepair, plus repainting and new lighting. 



SA Government Historic Buildings Conservation Program

Conservation works for the long-term conservation of major SA historic buildings


Urban Growth Boundary

In 1962 and 1968 Urban Growth Boundaries were identified for Adelaide to allow metropolitan planning but they were ignored, resulting in decades of planning disorder. However the current government has raised this need again, so there may be a chance to redress Adelaide's current urban planning problems.




West Torrens Public Space

West Torrens Council's Community needs Open Space and Public Place Plan.


St Paul's Creative Centre

A new co-working space encouraging collaboration of creative industry businesses




O-Bahn Extension

Questionable justification and a poor precedent for management of Adelaide's Park Lands


Kensington & Norwood Pool

Threat of rationalisation" leading to loss of the facility despite increasing population


Beverley Brickworks

Basic funding allocated then rescinded may lead to a loss of 140 years of SA history