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The projects below have been nominated with comments provided by the nominators (see also the announcement in The City). 

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Farina Restoration Groupa volunteer organisation established in 2008 to commence signage, clean up and stabilise buildings, establish walking trails, etc. (see

Holland Street Streetscape - a new urban initiative for a changing precinct.

Tiny House Village - a housing concept designed to incrementally increase urban density without overwhelming the landscape by using tiny houses as foundational supplementary dwellings.


District Council of Kimba, Roora Reserve - a walking and jogging trail of about 3 km through a former water reserve (


Lounder's Boathouse - the adaptation and conservation of the 1913 timber building that was originally the home of the Popeye.

Queen Adelaide Room - restoration of the major civic reception space of the City of Adelaide.


Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategyrecommendations have been developed for each Park, strongly guided by context and building from existing opportunities that can influence future use and activity.

DECD Outdoor Learning areas - delivering exciting play spaces that provide a benchmark example of responsive play space design and effective community consultation.

Tiny House Planning Resource - to assist planners, policy makers and the wider community to better understand the emerging Tiny House movement and to explore the model's potential to contribute to greater choice in housing supply and diversity.


Leigh Creek Historic Town - Potential preservation of the town in conjunction with World Heritage Listing of the Northern Flinders Ranges based on extensive natural and historical values.


Off-road bike paths - Right-of-way confusions and poor signage creating dangers for bicyclists.

Clarendon Historic Conservation Zone - This zone has been re-designated as a Township Zone that by size is eight times larger than the original defined township. By zone attribution this suggests potential for township development on a large tract of land that should be retained as rural in use and character.


Henley Square concrete walls - a development on the beach-front that blocks the ocean views at a primary Adelaide beach, has late night trading in a residential zone, creates over-shadowing, over-looking and an over-supply of shop fronts in an area already experiencing vacant shops in close vicinity.

New North Terrace buildings - in ostensibly the Park Lands, now dominating the buildings on the city side of North Terrace, blocking the view of the remaining Park Lands and casting an ominous shadow over the previously sunny continuation of the cultural boulevard.