The Annual Awards & Brickbats Program

2019 Program

The nomination period for 2019 is now open - see Notes for nominators and Nomination form for details. Nominations close at 5pm Friday 6th September 2019. Address:


Range of Awards 

This program is driven annually by the submissions that the Australian Civic Trust receives in its Call for Nominations each year. Thus the choice of projects for awards is dependent on the selections of the members of the public.

Awards, Commendations and Mentions are assigned in the Urban, Social and Environmental categories, with The Ian MacDonald Award for the best in the Urban category. Plaques are available on request (email

People's Choice Awards and Brickbats are based on a public voting process.

Brickbats are generally in the same categories as the awards and assigned to projects that detract from the civic environment

Opportunities are suggested potential projects.

Risks relate to valuable areas or issues under threat.

Variations and Special awards are given on merit. They may be assigned at the discretion of the jury and consideration may be requested by nominators (contact for details). Special awards in recent years include the following:

  • Colonel William Light Award for Excellence in Urban Design
  • Stuart Hart Award for City and Regional Planning
  • Australian Civic Trust Award for Raising the Profile of the Arts and Tourism
  • Hugh Stretton Award for Innovation in Residential Development
  • Australian Civic Trust Award for Political Reform
  • Ian MacDonald Award for Best in the Urban Category
  • Bob Such Award for Design for Social Benefit


Recent Reviews (for information)

2018 Review

For printed copies of the 2018 citations, email

2017 Review

For printed copies of the 2017 citations, email The Leigh Creek Opportunity was discussed at the presentation ceremony and an attendee suggested that highlighting the threat of general demolition could be off-putting to residents and visitors. However, considering the general human impact that is now occurring in many areas, including climate change, mining and tourism, the Trust considers that this approach needs to be taken.

2016 Review

The People's Choice was announced by The Advertiser on 14th October ( The final results of the 2016 Civic Review were announced and the awards presented in the Old Chamber of Parliament House on 24th October 2016. They were published in hard copy and on-line.


2015 Review

The awards ceremony was held at 2.30pm on 11th December 2015 - see photos. Details are in the citations, which include the results of the 2015 People's Choice (ref original notice in The Advertiser 1/12/15 Business Journal p29 - see copy on this site).

2014 Review

The awards ceremony was held at 2.30pm in the Old Chamber of Parliament House on 8th December 2014. See for the presentation photos. The citations and plaques are available (email

The call for votes in the 2014 People's Choice was published in The Advertiser page 14 and AdelaideNow on Monday 24th November 2014.

2013 Review

The 2013 People's Choice was announced in The Advertiser on 11 November 2013, page 12. AdelaideNow also has the article and was the base for the voting process. In response to the brickbat for transport planning, the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure expressed support for his approach on 18 November 2013 and we answered his points on 19 November 2013.

Printed citations are available by request to the Civic Trust.